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Weekend habits that lead to a successful week

When it comes to the work week, sometimes we can really dread seeing it coming. This is mostly because we are not prepared to tackle the work week. Preparedness can really determine just how exactly things will go. When you are not prepared you are normally set up for failure. Here are 5 examples of things that can be done to prepare to have a successful week.

1. Put aside some time to workout- Working out can truly set the tone for your week because working out has been known to help release stress and make your mood better. When I have a good workout over the weekend. I sleep better and feel good throughout the week.

2. Plan your meals - It is a good idea to implement meal planning because it does a few different things. Number one it takes the pressure off of you for having to figure out what you are eating throughout the week. Next it gives you extra time in your day to do other things. Your lunch breaks can actually be used to eat and re-center for the rest of the day as oppose to standing in line waiting on food. Third it helps you feel better throughout the week if you are making healthier food decisions. No one wants to feel that end of the week fatigue due to eating poorly all week.

3. Meditation - Any form of meditation can help you have an excellent week. Sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle that we forget to take the time to just be still. Whether you are meditating, doing a little bit of yoga or any other method that incorporates stillness, this will help you have a more productive and lighter week.

4. Organizing - Are you on team organize yet? No? Not Yet? Well you definitely should be. Organizing for the week will have you 10 steps ahead of the game. Your mind will feel lighter, you will be able to breathe in less clutter and you will be able to think better simply because you spent a little extra time organizing for the week. Think about how much extra time you will have as well.

5. Relaxing/ Resting - This one is actually a favorite of mine. I don't care how much of a go getter, hustler or whatever term you would like to use. At the end of the day, you need rest and to simply relax. Getting rest or just simply relaxing can help to set you up for success. Your mind is more clear when you are rested. You're creative juices flow better and you are much more productive on a full gallon of rest.

I hope these tips are helpful, remember preparation is the key item that helps your week to be successful.

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