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Self reflection for Moms

As the new year approaches and everyone scrambles to set their new years resolutions. It's important for moms to reflect on 2020. This has been one of the most challenging years for moms around the world. It is important to go into 2021 being proud of all that was accomplished. In tradition, this time would be used to set new goals, form new habits etc. All of that is definitely fine to do but don't forget before doing all of those things to simply take time for self reflection.

Self reflection helps with many things. For instance, self reflection gives you a chance to see all of the great things you accomplished. Sometimes rushing too fast to the next year, goal, etc doesn't give you time to process all of the great things that were accomplished.

Self reflection also gives a chance for you to see what areas you can improve for the new Year. Reflecting will allow you to easily pin point what worked and what didn't work. This helps with your new strategy for the upcoming year.

Self reflection can also allow you to notice and give thanks to your support system that helped you during this rough year. Whether it was other parents, family, friends, mentors, colleagues etc. Simply whoever made your journey a little easier. It's nice to end the year letting them know you are thankful for their support.

Lastly, Self reflection allows you to look at all you accomplished in your career this year, so you are better prepared to list everything for your year end review. Many Moms worked from home with their children and were able to put their best foot forth in their career. It is important to self reflect and highlight those things as well.

The bottom line is Self reflection is an important aspect in your preparation for the new year so don't forget to include it.

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