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Mindful Living & Self-Care Tips in a chaotic World

Let's talk about my top 5 Tips for mindful living and Self Care. With everything going on in the world mental health and wellness is starting to become more of a priority. There are things that you can do to help implement better habits to create a better environment when it comes to mindful living and self care. Here are a few below:

1. Meditate- Meditation has quickly become one of the top things to do when it comes to mindful living. The art of practicing stillness has been shown to dramatically improve the mind and relax your energy. The benefits that comes along with meditation are truly endless.

2. Journaling - Journaling has been said to be very therapeutic. It is a way to release your thoughts onto paper which in turn can help you feel lighter and less stressed. It has also been known to be a great guide for self reflection when you are able to re read your thoughts and see exactly how you felt at a particular time.

3. Boundaries - Setting boundaries is something that is very encouraged. Implementing techniques of saying NO, to help with overwhelm or exhaustion is recommended and helpful in creating more time for you to take care of yourself.

4. Prioritizing Yourself - This here alone is great for mindfulness and self care. A lot of us spend a lot of time doing for others and completely forgetting about ourselves. Making time to set a self care routine and indulge in the things that makes us happy can contribute a lot to our overall wellness on a positive way.

5. Practicing Gratitude - So often we focus on all of the bad and negativity around us, which in turn creates a negative environment even for the future. When we take time to appreciate the little things or all of they good that surrounds us it helps our thoughts and actions to have more positive outcomes.

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