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Is work-life balance now a myth for working moms?

The days when we all huddled in the office kitchen engaging in small talk conversation over coffee seem to be a distant memory. The other times we would hitchhike a ride from our best work pal to our favorite lunch spot now feels like a thing of the past.

For most moms when finding out that remote work was really a possibility. Many were ecstatic at the fact that they would have so much extra time. For instance, that dreadful commute that was mostly spent in rush hour traffic –GONE. The extra time spent getting ready in the morning to look presentable – OVER. Daycares and schools were rapidly closing so there went the time that was previously spent rushing the kids out the door and dropping them off to their destinations. Most moms were already planning out the benefits and what they would do with this newfound time.

Then it happened. Instead of extra time, you found yourself putting it more time. It begins to be harder to leave your desk since work is always in the house with you. The kids constantly need help throughout the day with virtual schooling which in turn pulls you further behind in your workload. You struggle with not looking at your work since it is always there for you to see. You begin missing that car ride where you were stuck in traffic. Picking up dry-cleaning for work for the following week suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. You are really missing in-person meetings that you used to complain about- because hey, it beats zoom right?

The line of work-life balance seems to be getting thinner by the day, leaving you to wonder if work-life balance is now a myth for working moms. I am here to tell you it's not a myth. Things of course are a little different to navigate, but let’s be honest that’s the reality of the world we are in today. The 2 things that you need in order to make your unique situation successful is adaptability and optimism. With these 2 things, the rest will fall in line. Adaptability is needed because like it or not you have to change and adapt in order to stay in the game. The same goes for optimism. This is needed in order to even be able to adapt. Optimism allows a clear mind and a willing attitude. With this, you become open to changing things up and making things better suited for your personal situation.

Go ahead and implement those 2 things into your new routine and get back on the route to work-life balance even in a virtual world.

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