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How the pandemic helped me find my purpose

Life is unpredictable, right? I have always heard that saying and to be honest I never really thought much of the statement. I can remember like yesterday being fresh out of College ready to put my Criminal Justice degree to good use. I was so proud to be graduating and was looking forward to what I thought would be an exciting career. My new life was ahead, and I was proudly walking in that direction. Then things didn’t go as planned when I started applying for jobs. I found I was making more money in an unrelated field rather than what my degree was in. I began to feel bad about it for a moment and then quickly reminded myself that I had a family and I needed to make the best decision for my family. So in turn I ended up staying in an unrelated field that I wasn’t passionate about.

I then decided to get a part-time job as an Asset Protection Officer. In the beginning, I felt this was perfect because I was putting my degree to use, having fun in the process, and still being able to keep my 9-5 that made my family good money. This went well for a while until the thrill of catching shoplifters just wasn’t there for me. I started feeling a ton of regret for sending people to jail simply because they made a temporary bad choice. The situation that would really bother me was when Moms were caught stealing clothes for their children. I always empathized with their situation of wanting to do whatever they needed to take care of their children. I always found myself trying to have a heart to heart with them and explain to them this was not the route to go.

Eventually, it became more of a heartache than anything. I started thinking I need to do something that would help people. I wanted to be apart of the solution or even prevention. I began to juggle a few ideas around in the criminal justice field. I started thinking of maybe being a women’s probation officer or possibly a community resource specialist. I never could put my finger on what I wanted I just knew I wanted to help moms.

Eventually, life went on and my thoughts on it admittedly fell to the waste side. I continued with my regular 9-5 and thought I would check back into that sometime in the future. Then unexpectedly we were headed into a pandemic. Of course, I have never experienced a pandemic so therefore I didn’t know what to expect. The result of entering this pandemic was severe anxiety and depression. On the outside, I was trying my best to hold it together for everyone around me but inside I was screaming for help. I was in a dire panic. From turning on the news every day and hearing the statistics and realizing the number of people who were quickly losing their life due to the virus. All kinds of questions started to form in my mind. The main question that kept resurfacing was, If I left this world today, what would I have contributed to others? I seriously felt hopeless. I was more afraid of dying and not making an impact in this world than actually dying itself. This question kept me from getting sleep some nights. To think I had lived in this world for 30 plus years and not given back to women and more importantly moms made me question everything.

That’s when it happened, I started looking into ways to be that person. I immediately signed up for mentorship roles in my community to mentor young moms. I then took it a step further and created an initiative “Ambitious with a Purpose” strictly for moms needing help with motherhood. I coach women through my company, mentor, and even created a self-guided journal to help them in their motherhood journey. I have never been happier, and I feel like I am doing something I truly care about. In a strange way, the pandemic helped with that and I have to say I am thankful.

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