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As many of you know, communicating properly in your business can be the very thing that takes your business to the next level. Think about when someone asks what you do, or how your business can help their problem. If you are not correctly communicating the problems your business solves then you can potentially lose a client/customer or potential investor/ partner.

This is why it is important to work on effectively communicating about your business. It is important to develop your story about how your business was born. It is also important to be able to precisely tell how your business helps people.

That’s where speaking engagements come in at. Speaking engagements are such a great way to help you be able to effectively communicate all of the things mentioned above. It is also known to have so many benefits. Check out my 5 top reasons below.

  1. Speaking Engagement helps you showcase that you are an expert in your field. Think about it, if a person knew nothing about you and your business and they happened to attend a conference where you were one of the speakers. If you were able to effectively communicate your message you now are seen as a credible expert in your field to that audience member.

2. Being a speaker helps you get your business out to more people. If you were speaking at a conference of 250 people. That is possibly 250 people who didn't know anything about you and now they are intrigued by your speech and everything you have to offer. This is what we call borrowing other audiences.

3. Now that you have borrowed the audience, this in turn helps you generate more sales for your services or products. Anytime I have spoken at a conference I have gotten much more sales on my products and services immediately. Compel your audience with your knowledge and expertise and they will feel more comfortable patronage your business.

4. Another financial benefit is the money that you can make from being booked to speak at an event. The price can vary depending on what you negotiate and how much experience you have. You can make anywhere from $500 to thousands of dollars for one single event. Many speaking contracts can even include brand acknowledgment for your business, travel, and room and board covered, food, gifts etc.

5. Last but not least speaking events are a good way to make more connections and establish yourself in your field. Often times you are able to actually secure more speaking events by taking on speaking engagements. Someone attending the event may be planning their own conference. Now that they have heard you speak they may possibly request your contact information and invite you to speak at their event. Networking is really a huge benefit of being a speaker at an event.

Now in my opinion those are some really great benefits if I must say so myself. If you want to know how to find speaking events be sure to check out my youtube video below that outlines exactly how to do so.

If you don’t have time to search around to find events that need speakers, guess what??? I have you covered! Download my speaking opportunities list which has more than 50 events listed on conferences or events that you can pitch to be a speaker at their event. I also include a free mini ebook that consists of a bunch of cool tips on what things to look for when looking for a speaking opportunity, how to stand out as a speaker when pitching, how to find even more speaking engagements on your own in the future and my cheat codes to making sure you are memorable and get booked again.