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How I stayed positive with pandemic parenting and you can too

The key to staying positive when pandemic parenting is a lot easier than it sounds. With going from wishing that I had more time with my kids and now that very thing had just fallen into my lap. I knew I had to make changes. These are the things that helped me make my transition successful.

I first changed my thinking pattern and started to think more positive thoughts. I even changed the way I talked to myself. Instead of saying “I must work from home and still be a full-time present parent”. I started saying “I get to work from home while still being a full-time present parent”. Changing around a few words makes a huge difference.

Then, I let go of mom guilt. In the beginning, I was so wrapped up in questioning if I was being a good mom because I couldn't give my full attention to my kid. Now, I understand it's our reality and I can only do what I can. When I can give my kids extra time when I’m not working then I’m all theirs, in the meantime, I have to work, and my work now just happens to be home with them. Don't expect them to understand it initially but remember to be cautious of their little feelings as well.

Next, I started prepping and planning. I would start spending my Sundays getting organized for the week. Getting meals together, prepping the kid's lunches etc. Being a prepared mom helped tremendously for me. Don't take for granted the old saying "Preparation is key".

Then I started to develop a schedule. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t get it on the first try. I tried a few different ways until I found a schedule that worked for my family. Trust me you will find out what works as well. They key is to try different things and don't give up if something doesn't work right away.

Next, I started to utilize my breaks to spend time with my kids. Sure, I wanted to flop on the couch and watch some TV, but I found that spending that hour of my time with the kids made them feel content as I finished out the remainder of my day. Happy kids, happy..... well you get it :)

Finally, I made sure to take time for myself. Self-Care became a huge part of my life because I wanted to make sure I didn’t get overwhelmed. So, if it meant a quick walk on lunch, coffee on my porch in the morning before work, nice bubble baths at night or just waking up early to journal. I made sure to keep self-care as a necessity for me. You can't forget YOU!

I hope this encourages you to know you can find success in pandemic parenting. Leave a comment if you feel these tips are useful :)

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