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10 Ways Journaling is helpful for Moms

As Moms, we rarely have a break for ourselves. Now the pandemic has taken up even more time of ours as we struggle to home school our children, work from home, and just keep sane. Time for us can seem like a thing of the past.

Self-Care and “Me Time” seems nearly impossible. It does not have to be. Journaling can be a simple way to help Moms ease the weight of motherhood. Below are 10 ways Journaling is helpful for moms.

1. Self-Reflection – Journaling allows us to look deep into the areas of our lives that may not be the greatest. Putting it on paper can help to fix the areas in our lives that we see we could possibly be doing better in.

2. Gratitude – Sometimes when journaling, it can give you a chance to look at all the things you do have. It can give you a chance to be more appreciative of everything in your life.

3. Therapeutic – Many have said that journaling for them is very therapeutic. Being able to release onto paper things that you may not necessarily feel comfortable telling others can be a great outlet to release things.

4. Relieve Stress – For Moms especially journaling can be a great tool to release stress. Taking just 5 minutes a day to journal before bed can take a huge load off your shoulders.

5. Boost Mood – Many have said that journaling especially in the morning before getting their day started has improved their overall mood. Journaling is a great way to start your day and increase your chances of having a positive day.

6. Helps Memory – Journaling is a great way to keep your memory sharp. When you are journaling, you are constantly thinking and remembering events, which is a great way to stimulate your mind.

7. Helps set Goals – Setting goals can be hard to execute. Journaling your goals can give you clarification on where you need to start. It is also a good way to manifest your goals just by writing them down.

8. Boost Creativity – Sometimes our greatest ideas come to us when we are being the most vulnerable. Expressing yourself in journaling can create some of your greatest ideas and plans. It has been known to boost creativity.

9. Provide direction – There are times we are struggling to find the answers and in reality, we have had the answers all along. Putting down your thoughts, pains, or issues into your journal and then taking a minute to read them back to yourself is important. It can give you the answers you have been seeking.

10. Perfect your writing- We all know that anything you do consistently you can perfect it. Writing is no different. The more you write the better your writing will get. Journaling is a great way to improve those writing skills of yours without even trying hard.

I hope you find this information helpful. Remember that even journaling for 5-20 minutes a day can make a huge difference in your life. Give it a try. If you are a mom and are looking for a Journal specifically for Moms seeking balance in their lives. Check out

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