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When was the last time you looked yourself in the mirror and told yourself, I GOT THIS? It’s been a while, right? To feel like you are not able to juggle motherhood and your career can be so frustrating.  No one wants to be stagnant while others are moving forward. Sometimes it’s the very things that gives us the greatest ideas that often stops us from accomplishing our goals…. OUR MIND.  When your mind is getting the best of you because you are struggling with feelings of unworthiness, over thinking and the most common one MOM GUILT, it can be hard to progress in your passions. A positive mindset is essential in pretty much everything you do but is crucial when you are a working mom. In order to master the art of being great at both, its starts with an open and positive mind. It’s time to make that shift.

AMBITIOUS WITH A PURPOSE is a 8-week developmental coaching program made to help you transition the thoughts and beliefs you have acquired throughout the years about not being able to handle both ends of the stick. Through this personalized training course, I will help to nurture your thoughts into positive thoughts that will allow you to perform better in your life as well as your career. Let me show you that women can be Ambitious in Motherhood as well as other avenues of your life.

We are a good fit if you are open minded, willing to change, ready to do the work to shift your mindset & willing to accept a new perspective. See what’s included in the 8-week package:

  • 1 on 1 45-minute weekly coaching sessions Via zoom.

  • Help with identifying your struggle areas and core beliefs

  • Prepare strategies to help you change your negative thinking habits

  • Establish self-care routines to help you optimize your mind in a positive way.

  • Assist you with recognizing burnout and understanding what to do when it happens

  • Provide tips and advice on creating healthier boundaries, time management and goal setting

  • Provide additional support through email or text for essential situations

                                                                     INVESTMENT PRICE $800

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