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A photo of Christian Moon - Small Business Strategy Consultant


Ambitious Business Strategies Course

Are you spinning your wheels or running into issues with securing sales for your business.

Maybe you are being consistent with your branding and your message, but you still seem to run into a brick wall when it comes to securing the sale.


If so this course is just for you. I have developed a course that will help you incorporate all of the missing details into your business. Your business needs a solid strategy in order to flourish.


What You Will Learn:


Increasing Your Sales with Email Marketing Mastery

This course will focus on helping you maximize email marketing. Pull your target audience away from the noise. Retarget previous customers or customers that browsed your site but didn't buy. Also includes bonus catchy subject lines, timelines & ideas for monthly and weekly newsletters.


Crafting Unique Marketing Campaigns: Set Your Business Apart

You will learn how to develop memorable marketing campaigns. Think about your favorite brands and how they stand out in a noisy world. Now picture your business being creative & spending time developing real ideas that separate you from the your competitors.


Building a Community: Engaging Newsletters that Drive Sales

This course will go over how to build a community through useful and engaging Newsletters. This can be a key element to staying in front of your audience without being too “salesy”.


SEO Optimization: Tips and Tools to Improve Your Online Presence

This course will cover SEO optimization methods and tools you can use to improve your SEO optimization. This will cover best practices and present more opportunities how you can make SEO work for you.


Boost Your Sales with the Power of Blogging

You will also show how to effectively use a blog. Did you know with the right SEO and blog topics you could generate even more sales by building a community through blog posting?


If you need a real strategy for your business, then this is your answer

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