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When you combine former First Lady Michelle Obama’s

perseverance with Cinderella’s optimism, you get

Christian Moon. Christian is a Certified Life Coach that

specializes in coaching moms who want to seek

balance between motherhood and their personal life.

She is also the founder of Ambitious with a Purpose, a

brand designed to assist mothers with accomplishing

their goals while still being wonderful Moms.

Driven and Ambitious, Christian has met success plenty of times throughout her professional and personal life that she credits to her motherhood journey. Since becoming a teen mom at the age of 17, Christian was determined to hold on to her dreams and be the example her son needed to see. She indulged in working her way up in several companies all while balancing motherhood as a single parent.

While motherhood has truly been a blessing for her, it has come with its challenges as well. Christian always maintained a positive mindset and began to develop techniques to help her juggle all aspects of her life without creating overwhelm. Christian noticed her techniques were paying off when every goal she set in her career and personal life she was able to accomplish while still being an amazing mom. Some of her accomplished goals included becoming a homeowner by age 23, continuous promotions throughout her career along with winning some of the highest awards.

This exemplary show of dedication and diligence is what encouraged her to pursue personal coaching for moms. Growing up under her grandmother’s wing, a woman who was a humanitarian, lending a helping hand was instilled in Christian from a young age. As she matured, her family, friends, and coworkers all sought out her advice, knowing they’d be supported by someone they naturally trusted.

Today, Christian now splits her time between being a wife to her husband Deondray and a Mom to Chrishawn, Draya and her bonus son Deondray Jr. While doing so she continues to focus on her elevating career consulting for a top rated, third party logistics company. Christian also feeds her knowledge, experience, values, and skills into her coaching brand. At a time where things are quickly evolving and changing, maintaining a healthy balance and prioritizing yourself is important. Coaching has been proven to be effective in bringing the best out of individuals.  Christian plans to reach more women through her brand and continue to be the voice for women that are searching to get back their sense of purpose by going after their goals while still being a great mom. 



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