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A photo of Christian Moon from About Us Page- Small Business Strategy Consultant


A Specialist in Small Business Strategy Consulting

I specialize in helping small businesses identify growth opportunities and focus on areas of expansion. I've cultivated strategies that help businesses create strong marketing campaigns as well as implement effective email marketing into their marketing strategy.

A Journey of Ambition and Accomplishment

Driven and Ambitious, Christian has met success plenty of times throughout her professional life. Some of her accomplished goals include continuous promotions throughout her career along with winning some of the highest awards.

Dedication to Help Small Business Owners

Her exemplary show of dedication and diligence is what encouraged her to pursue small business strategy consulting along with a desire to assist small business owners in areas they are not the strongest. The idea of Christians services are to develop strategy for the business owner so they can focus on their expertise. Having someone take a detailed look at your business can be the very thing that helps your business scale.

A photo of Christian Moon from About Us Page- Small Business Strategy Consultant

Experience in Corporate Leadership & Customer Experience

Many small business owners either do not have the knowledge, resources or time to really put into their business. Business owners sometimes struggle with finding out what is missing that could be likely hindering their growth.

That’s where Christian comes in at. With years of leading the way for mid-size businesses in her corporate career. She has specialized in developing leaders, maximizing the customer experience, developing marketing campaigns as well as securing contracts through strategic and competitive bidding.

Christian now continues to focus on her elevating corporate career providing B2B consulting for a top-rated, third-party logistics company. She is also the founder of Ambitious with a Purpose, a brand designed to assist mothers with accomplishing their goals while still being wonderful Moms, in which she hosts events, provide resources as well as travel for speaking engagements to bring more light to her organizations mission.

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